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Company Profile

Guangdong Jinxiecheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is an aluminum alloy professional manufacturer with complete equipment, advanced technology and more comprehensive products. The company is located in Shishan Henggang Industrial Zone which is the China's aluminum production base in the central area of Nanhai District, Foshan City, which is adjacent to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and the South China Sea Sanshan Shipping Port, and also close to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The sea and air transports are extremely convenient. The company in excellent environment covers an area of about 60,000 square meters, and has more than 300 employees, with the registered trademark of "Xieli".

In recent years, the company has developed rapidly, and the scale continues to expand. Adhering to the customer-first, quality-based, people-oriented and innovative quality policy, the company is committed to strengthen the corporate management and achieve a major change in the quality, total amount, structure, efficiency and other aspects.

The company is customer-centered to provide satisfied products and services, with the commitment to ensure that product quality and delivery time are in line with the customer requirements in the contracts or orders, as well as timely handling of customer complaints and focusing on the active communication with the parties concerned in the community. In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 "Quality Management System Standard", the company establishes and effectively implements the quality management system, utilizes the process methods, focuses on data, improves efficiency, saves costs, and ensures the high-quality work. In terms of management, the company focuses on the full participation to explore the potential resources of employees, while actively guide the employees and clearly define the responsibilities and authority to motivate employees to achieve the goal of work. The company promptly clarifies the new needs and expectations of customers, actively applies the new technologies, continuously improves the incompliance, and strives to exceed customer needs and expectations, with the purpose of ensuring the company's products and services are at the leading level.

For many years, the employees of Jinxiecheng have been working ambitiously and diligently, with the international standards to control quality and with the sophisticated technology to guide production, to practically and strictly implement the management for efficiency, focus on the contracts and credits, and strive to open up domestic and international sales markets. With the rapid development, the company achieves the annual output and sales of over 20,000 tons. Today, "Xieli" brand has been well-known throughout the country and developing in the world. To create the grand brand is the faithful ambition of the employees of Jinxiecheng!


Covering 100 cities


150 agents nationwide


Annual output of 25000 tons


GDP of 600 million Yuan